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So, what does it look like to work with me?

Companies bring me in to do training for their employees. The focus of the training is to help the employees with career development, assist the managers to know how to develop the careers of their employees, and consult with the company for creating an executable strategy for recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Don't get confused that I'm a recruiter, because I'm not. Sure, I know a lot of people and have made introductions where applicable, but I'm not a "head hunter" or "recruiter" as you may have worked with other traditional recruiters and recruiting firms. When it comes to recruiting, I'm an expert on evaluating your current recruiting, hiring, on-boarding processes and making suggestions on how to improve so that you can recruit the right people. Then, it's a lot easier to retain the right people. Let's talk about what this consulting can do for improving your recruiting and employee retention.

Think of me as a career coach. I support the managers to develop their strong career at the company and also coach your employees to develop their strong careers too. This isn't to get them to leave your company either (unless there are some people that need to leave your company). In fact, it's proven that if you invest in your employees, they want to do better work and want to stay with your company longer.

So, when you're working with me, it'll likely be a combination of training, consulting and coaching. There are a lot of great ways I can customize how we work together. Schedule a time to meet with me and we'll discuss your team and building a stronger team going forward.

I look forward to working with you - thank you!

Here Are A Few Things I Cover In Your Training

  • Communicate Effectively

    Is your team not getting along? Do they struggle to communicate? Are they not gelling? Communication training geared toward improving communication skills of the individual as well as the group overall.

  • Stop Wasting Time

    Are your team members wasting time? Do they know how to use their time effectively? Get the right things done, when it’s important to get them done.

  • Unlock the Mystery of Helping Your Employees Succeed

    Are you worried about helping your employees grow and develop? Are you too busy to help them manage their careers? With training, one-on-one coaching, and various tools, if you work with me, you’ll have the ability to invest in your employees – all to help you improve and keep your star players and develop those who are lagging.

  • Emergency Coaching

    Quick! I need some advice – NOW! Ever need an unbiased, quick answer? Need to “bounce” an idea off someone? Coaching and consulting services to help you find the best answers for developing the careers of your individual team members and the team as a whole.

  • Is Your Team Effective at Networking?

    Are you worried about what your employees would say to someone new at a networking event? Then, they’re probably not ready to represent your company in various scenarios. Networking is critical to staying in contact with your industry and the key people you want to add to your team, but networking needs to be done right. Training for you and your team members to effectively message what’s awesome your company!

  • Social Media Interactions That Make Sense

    LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? The list goes on and on… You know that your employees are on different social media sites, learn how can you utilize their time and efforts to benefit your company too!

Here's What People Are Saying About Jen

Dave Preece

I have hired Jen both as a career and team coach. She’s always well prepared and knowledgeable about the subjects she trains on, and her engaging personality encourages everyone to participate. As a career coach, she was successful in helping me classify, understand and leverage my strengths more thoroughly, and identify areas I could improve in. She helped me tune up my game. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help getting a team to synergize and work more effectively together, and as a career coach.

Dave Preece, VP, Product Management
Marcus Daley

I have been working with Jennifer for the last several years. Throughout our relationship she has been an outstanding business partner. She's always made our relationship feel like a genuine, long-term partnership even when it might have been inconvenient to do so. It's been a pleasure working with her.

Marcus Daley, CTO
David B. Goates

Jennifer is what I call "the real deal." Not only is she a master in her space of career coaching, but she is a sought-after thought leader. Her judgment is spot on, and her offering is cutting edge.

David B. Goates, Director of Sales